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News: Contactless payments skyrocket because no one wants to handle cash.

News: Contactless payments limit increased to prevent the spread of coronavirus

News: How a Bitcoin ATM may solve public access to digital money.

News: The Crypto Economy is Ushering in a Cashless World

News: A digital dollar. Why, how, and why now?

News: How High Street Newsagents Can Expect To See A Rise In Income Streams After Covid-19, Thanks To the Wallmarket Group!

News: Bitcoin demand see’s crypto currencies grow by 70%.

News: The number of Bitcoin ATMs jump by 70%.

News: Bitcoin ATMs Hit 7,500 Across the Globe Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

News: Bitcoin ATM transactions increase amid coronavirus pandemic.

News: The Number of Bitcoin ATMs Approaches 8,000 Amidst COVID-19

News: Crypto ATM market worldwide is projected to grow by US$288 Million.

News: Congress Has Now Introduced 32 Crypto And Blockchain Bills.

News: Online Exchange vs Bitcoin ATM: Which Is Better?

News: Bitcoin was just mentioned in ‘Billions’ again: Here’s how it went down.

News: Can you really be infected by cash and will it be a virus victim too? Businesses are refusing coins and notes… now we’re warned Britain may be cashless in two years.

News: Fintech firm WallMarket has fired up with the offer of investment in digital asset ATMs and a dig at old school banking.

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