No, you are purchasing a fully serviced digital currency ATM – a WallMarket – which people will use to buy and sell digital currency. You are simply investing in the physical infrastructure itself.

From the transaction fees charged to users buying and selling digital currencies on the WallMarket

Yes, you can invest in as many WallMarkets as you like – each fully serviced unit or WallMarket costs £25,000 for a the term.

Only one person or company is permitted to buy each machine – there is no pooling of investors.

Our carefully selected operational partners – these vary depending on the location the machines are placed in.

Yes, WallMarkets are fully insured against all damages, losses and technical faults.

Wallmarkets are internet-enabled kiosks that allow you to purchase Bitcoin and other digital currencies using cash, credit card or debit card, from as little as £20. Unlike many other digital currency ATMs, Wallmarkets are two-way systems, meaning you can also exchange your digital coins for pounds sterling.

You purchase your unit(s) through the WallMarket ownership programme – contact us today to find out more and come onboard.

No, the WallMarket ownership programme is fully serviced, so we handle all aspects of managing your unit.

Of course, once you have purchased a unit or units, we will let you know exactly where they are.

You receive up to 10% per annum per WallMarket, paid bi-annually (4% or 5% every 6 months) or compounded at paid at the end of the term.

No, WallMarket have the first right of refusal to buy back your WallMarket.

WallMarket has first right of refusal to buy back your WallMarket after the term but this is not guaranteed.

Yes, you should consider this an investment and as such you could lose some or all of your capital, however, WallMarket has attempted to mitigate this risk to the greatest extent possible.

We endeavour to have your WallMarket up and running within 30 days after your funds clear.

WallMarket will purchase the unit back at the price they paid for it (£25,000) after the term.

WallMarket offer locations on a first come, first served basis.

WallMarket believes all the locations it sources will provide our investors a minimim of 8% p.a. return on their investment. 

Absolutely, WallMarket will provide you information when requested.

You are always able to buy another WallMarket if WallMarket elect to buy your first one back from you.

No, this investment is not regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and you are not entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).